Catholic Pilgrimage Tours

Krakow is one of the places in the world able to leave a lasting impression in the mind of those who visit them. It is the city of shrines, churches and abbeys linked to the cult of the saints, including the patron saint of Poland St. Stanislaus and the lawyer of the cult of Divine Mercy Saint Faustina. But the best-known person is, without doubt, Karol Wojtyla, that Pope John Paul II.
In Krakow on every step you feel the presence of the saints and their spirituality. You can make different itineraries dedicated exclusively to the shrines or the blessed saints and linked to the city:

“The footsteps of Pope John Paul II”: Wawel Cathedral, the Palace of the Bishops of Krakow, the Franciscan church, the university district Jagiellonian University, the Basilica of the Virgin

Shrine of Divine Mercy (Sister Faustina Kowalska) and the center to Pope John Paul II (the relics)

“The route of the saints and blessed of Krakow”: St. Stanislaus (Wawel Cathedral), Giovanni Canzio (St. Anne’s Church), Blessed Aniela Salawa (Franciscan church), St. Hyacinth (Dominican church), St. Stanislaw Kazimierczyk (church of Corpus Christi), Blessed Izajasz Boner (St. Catherine’s Church in Kazimierz), Świętosław Milczacy (Church of Mary in the Market Square), Sister Faustina Kowalska (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)

Wadowice Pope City– the birthplace of K. Wojtyla where he spent the first 18 years of his life. In the city we visit (about 1.5 hours): the home where he lived with his parents, the basilica where baptised, the museum dedicated to K.Wojtyla (input), schools attended by him and other places related to him.
At the end of the tour a break to enjoy a cream cake favourite sweet of Pope.

 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – the shrine of the miraculous picture of Our Lady of Kalwaria famous for graces together to Calvary annually visited by thousands of pilgrims. In the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels you can admire the picture, the church were built in the early seventeenth century. The paths of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary with the chapels that creates a small Jerusalem.
The complex was inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List of UNESCO in 1999.