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  • Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2009 4:18 AM
    Subject: RE: Shoreshim
    Dear Pioter   We came back to Israel, thank you very much about the work that you for done us. We look for head to the new information.   Best regards   Yoel
    Yoel Peled, Israel genealogy tour, July 2009,
  • The guides provided, especially Vlad, were all very knowledgable and interesting. We enjoyed them all and especially appreciated their candid responses to some of our questions about Poland's history.
    Patricia USA, October 2013,
  • Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 11:11 AM
    Subject: Our visit to Poland
    Dear Wladislaw, Shoshy and I would like to express our thanks to you for the wonderful job you did during our stay in Poland (8-3 may, 09) and for the so nice and pleasant company you have provided.   We have some photos we took during our stay and would like to send you. Since the file is heavy, I will send it to you on a CD via post mail.   Please fill free to call us while you are in Israel, we shall be very happy to host you.   Best regards,   Shalom & Shoshy  
    Shalom & Shoshy, Izrael, Poland Tour, May 2009,
  • Thank you again Piotr for everything and your dad is incredible. We were truly lucky to drive with him. Please give him my best and also thank him for his patience as he listened while I attempted to speak Polish to him.
    I hope you had a lovely weekend and thank you again!
    All best,
    Holly USA, Auschwitz Tour ,August 2013,
  • Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 1:19 AM
    Subject: Hello
    Hi Piotr, Many thanks for your help on our great Polish Tour,  David will be arriving back home this week. We will then try to do something for the people in Smarzow. I am  going to contact Anna to tell her just how wonderful you were ,  most helpful professional and courteous.I have had many guides, but I rank you the best.  Take care. Cheers Rita I have managed to get the recipe for ZUREK soup will be making some soon.
    Chmieluk Family Australia, genealogy tour Ukraine, May 2011,
  • Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2010 4:13 PM
    Subject: Re: Prezowsk
    Dear Piotr, Hope this finds you well! I am writing as Jennie & I recently saw our grandmother who seemed happy that we visited her old town. She said she didn't recognize the house.  When she lived there, there was no electricity and there were dirt floors and it really was much more rural. She did recognize the stream and the town square of Prezowsk. She mentioned that she enjoyed seeing the pictures as it's been nearly 70 years since she's seen the neighborhood and it was interesting to her to see how some things have changed a lot while others have stayed the same. We told her how helpful you and all the town people were and I think that she enjoyed hearing how there is a real interest in the Jewish history and past in Poland. She also seemed excited to hear about Krakow and the Klezmer festival. Again, we can't say thank you enough for showing us around and connecting us to our family's past history and roots. You really did make the trip special for us. We hope that you stay in touch and one day come to visit in New York. Very best, Rachel & Jennie
    Rachel and Jennie, USA genealogy tour Przeworsk, August 2010,
  • I was very happy with the service provided by Piotr Malarekof Malarek Tour Poland.  When I visited south central Poland for the first time (in 2012) Piotr provided the type of personalized service that I needed for genealogical exploration in Krakow, Milowka, Szare and Laliki.  For 2 ½ days he was our escort and guide.  He was also our interpreter and translator.  He understood how to conduct genealogical research.  The results of our combined efforts exceeded my hope to find my family roots!  They were:
    In Krakow we found my grandfather’s paternal ancestors’ family grave, and municipal records (birth and marriage) of my paternal ancestors.  We visited the church where my grandfather was baptized, and we visited the site of the home where he lived as a child.
    In Milowka we found birth and marriage records of my grandmother, her family and her ancestors.  We visited the small village of Szare, which was where her family of origin lived.  It was also where she, her husband and their first born child lived before immigrating to the USA in 1913.  We visited the home of relatives in Laliki.
    Thanks Piotr! By:  Lewis Novotny of New York State, September 12, 2012.
    Lewis Novotny, genealogy tour September 2012,
  • Hi Peter Thank you for your patience and assistance yesterday, it was appreciated.  I will forward photos in batches for you to decipher. Kind regards Henry and Leonie
    Henry and Leonie, genealogy tour in Dubiecko, September 2010,
  • Thank you to everyone that helped out in the production of this year’s BBC Religion & Ethics Passover documentary. I am just letting you know that the programme, ‘Witness to Auschwitz’, will air on Sunday 15th April at 23:05pm on BBC1 in the UK. . Thank you again for everyone’s help! Lauren Hodgkinson Production Management Assistant BBC Religion & Ethics
    BBC TV production transport April 2012,
  • Piotr, we had a great time.  It was a very meaningful trip for us and our mother.  You made it special.  I will check with my mother 1st and then contact them.  Thanks.  Karol
    Zakalik Family USA, August 2013,
  • Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2010 8:40 AM
    Subject: Michael Gal from Israel - Visiting Oshvienchim 2 weeks ago
    Hello dear Vladek,   How Are YOU? I hope everything is ok with you and your family. Again, thanks for your tour in your/my father's town – Oshvienchim, and also Thanks to your son – PITER who also was very welcome and sent me some information About my family- Spanglet in Andreichov.   Me and my brother considering coming again to the area to learn all in both Archives in Andreichov and Oshvienchim.   Many thanks in advance for you welcome and good meanings, Please note that you and Piter are our contacts and guides for the next and coming Tours in Poland, and with many other who will come to the area, I will talk with you About this business option when we will be there (Hope soon, OK?)   Thanks   Michael Gal (Spanglet)
    Michael Gal from Israel April 2010,
    Peter - I just wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful work you did for us in helping us find our family.  It is amazing how many of our friends are very interested in what we did.  I was also surprised to find out how many of them also have roots in Poland.  If it is ok with you I will recommend you to them.  Also, if you ever need a reference for your business, I am happy to serve in that capacity for you.  Thanks again for everything.  We truly appreciated it.  
    Most Sincerely,
    Diane Wrights and the Mularski/Wright Family
    Mularski/Wright Family genealogy tour, september 2009,
    Dear M. Malarek, Now that the Colgate University group has at last returned to Geneva, I'm taking the opportunity to write you and thank you for organizing our visit to Auschwitz/Birkenauon April 11.  Our guide at Auschwitz was most informative and sensitive; all of the arrangements for transportation and so on went very smoothly.  Thanks again for your help in setting up and carrying out the visit... Sincerely, Carol Stevens
    Colgate University visit to Auschwitz / Birkenau April 2011,
  • I had a wonderful day yesterday.  Still putting all my thoughts together. My grandmother was Mary Bednarz.  As far as I know she was born on 2/2/1892 in or around Mielec.  I do not know her parent's names, but remember that she most likely had a sister named Rose who visited the US. Is I  am not remembering her birthdate correctly, I will send it to you when I return home. Thank you again.
    Campus, USA Genealogy Lisia Gora, July 2013,
  • Hello Piotr, Thank you for your assistance in getting to Auschwitz -- it was certainly a moving and unforgettable experience. I will get back to you shortly with some information on my grandparents who left Poland immediately before the war. It would be nice to know more about their family history. Please let me know much you typically charge for your research. Best wishes, Bradley
    Bradely , February 2010,
  • Hello Peter:   I just found this email from you. I’m sorry we left before I could respond to this. You were amazing !!!  We can’t thank-you enough for all your hard efforts!  All the extra time you gave us and the research was really unbelievable.  I mean to arrange for that meeting with Andrzej Osolinski was simply way too much ! WE all will remember it for the rest of our lives!  You are what it takes to succeed in this business and I wish you so much good fortune.   I can’t express how grateful we all are to have you help us with the genealogy .   It was so much fun with you talking to the old ladies that helped find out the past. WE all can’t believe you  were able to get us to the actual land where my Jaju’s house was originally and to find the cold cellar was unbelievable! I mean really …. Amazing!  I have picture of you chasing down the little old man on his bike asking him for info. That is priceless of your efforts! .   To get us to Krzyztopor before the closing was all to your credit.  WE are so happy so have made it there! YOU  made our trip to Poland a huge success!   It was a truly long day …  and I only hope we compensated you enough.   If you ever find the chance to come to USA again… and in New England…we would most like to welcome you to our homes.   Please don’t’ hesitate to contact me… even if years down the road!   Thank-you from Nancy,Ann and Robert Osolinski
    Osolinski Family USA genealogy tour, September 2012,
  • Peter –   Thank you for a great trip to Pieniazkowice. It was exactly was I was expecting.   You were going to send me the Skupien family document (in Polish) that you had in a PDF.  Would you be so kind to forward that along?   Best regards,   Al Petras
    Al Petras, USA genealogy tour October,2019,
    WEISLITZER Family, Australia genealogy tour Bedzin and Sopotnia Mala April,2013,
  • Hi Peter.                                                                                                              October 1, 2013 Well, the dust has settled and we are almost back to normal sleep.  We truly enjoyed our trip to Poland, and most especially the days we spent looking for my family\'s Polish roots and Polish branches.  My husband never imagined we would find the documents and the locations for all four grandparents, as well as the living relatives we did.  Seeing the land where my forefathers lived made me understand myself more.  We loved the old photos that we discovered from the relatives we encountered, and will always remember how gracious even perfect strangers were in trying to help us find our roots. You were a wonderful guide, taking us up mountains, across fields, and knocking on doors to find our Polish heritage. Thank you for a once in a lifetime trip, although I\'m hoping it will not be my last trip to Poland! Thanks again-Carol and Dave Lagerstrom From Stelmach--Nawalany-Szczepkowicz-Jablonski Families
    Carol and Dave Lagerstrom, USA genealogy tour September,2013,
  • Thank you so much for doing this for me, I really appreciate this. I also wanted to thank you once again for finding our lost family for us in Poland. It would have been impossible for us to do this without you. The work you are doing is so important to many people, keep up the great work!! Please let me know when you get this email so that I know you've received it. Thank you once again, it was a pleasure meeting you and spending the day with you in Sosnowiec.I am going to look into getting our Polish citizenship, when I get the time. My new family and I have been writing back and forth, catching up on lots of lost years. It is thanks to you that this is even possible:)
    Cyndy, Canada genealogy tour August,2013,
  • The tour was fantastic! It met all of my expectations and more. In advance. I had tried to find some information about my relatives--to no avail, but from the Poland side, my guide Piotr Malarek found numerous pieces of information about relatives on the internet. The research through more than 20 years of documents, beginning in 1891 which resulted in meeting them for coffee & cakes much later in the day.I'd thought my Grandfather was born in Nowy Sacz, indeed Mr. Malarek's information took us to Limanowa.   It is important to me to let you and your associates at Malarek Tour Poland how wonderful I think you are, and the services I received regarding my family\'s ancestry tree.  Your diligent pre-trip work, and the time you spent combing Birth Records, Marriage Records, and Death Records going back to 1891 resulted in connections I never really thought possible. Further, the common sense approach of talking to town residents, along with our cemetery visit, proved that neighbors knew of my family. The Records research filled gaps that my own family couldn\'t complete. We did meet my extended family--none of which any of my American Aunts and Uncles knew about. Quick story:  I brought along a photo of my grandfather\'s wedding portrait.  When we were sitting down for coffee and cakes with the great-granddaughter of my grandfather\'s brother, I showed them the photo of my grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day--in fact the grandchildren of this lady exclaimed: \"Grandma, that\'s the copy of the photo you have hanging on your wall!\"  No one had known the connection between her and the photo.  My grandfather had mailed this proud wedding day photo to his family back home in Poland, from America! Now I have relatives to e-mail in Poland--and can tell my Aunts and Uncles that indeed I was successful, thanks to Piotr. I am pleased and it was a very successful trip. Thank you, Beverly French
    FRENCH Beverly, genealogy tour September, 2013,
  •   Thank you for the fantastic tour of Poland and for all of the information (and mushrooms, and special vodka!) that you provided on our trip.  You took great care of us and we appreciate it.  Vienna is a fabulous way to end our vacation.
    Judy Kostka,USA September,2013,
  • You are welcome and thank you again - you gave us 12 hour days and excellent connections we couldn't have made without you. There is no comparison between American and Polish guides - you do a great job.  Auschwitz was a very successful day, and to have a private guide who was excellent, and be the last people out of Birkenau in the dark - it added an extra sense of the incredible hardship there.
    Katrina Shawver (Phoenix, AZ) book writer October 2013,
  • We are back in the U.S.A. and want to thank you again for a wonderful day 27 July 2010. We are in the process of drafting a letter to some of the people whose names were on the list you gave me. Thank you again I look forward to hearing from you.
    Amy and George 2010,
  • Thank you very much for your excellent service on august 10th. It was a pleasure to have you drive us to and from Osewiecim and tell us about Poland in general and Silezia in particular. And at the Auswitsch Museum you were of great help. Thank you again, we hope you like the picture.
    Peter and Mike van Dorp, Holland 2009,
  • Thank you so much for your note as it was wonderful to hear from you. Since we came back, Jennie & I have been telling everyone about the day we spent with you and how meaningful it was to us. It was really a highlight of our trip to Poland and something we will never forget. We can't say enough how thankful we are to have connected with you as your insight and knowledge was a great asset On another note, my friend's brother is coming to Poland soon and I passed your contact info to him. I told him how amazing our time was with you and that it made all the difference.
    Rachel & Jennie, 2010,