Ancestral & Family Heritage Tour in Poland

Do you have Polish ancestors and would like to visit Poland? I would like to invite you for a life-changing tour and show you my country the best I can. Aspecially focus on your family customized heritage tour. I will prepare for you a combination of a typical sightseeing of Poland including visiting your ancestral towns or villages and a research done by me prior to arrival.

Customized Roots Tour

Tailor Made ancestral heritage visit of your Poland with a private transportation

Genealogists Tour Guide

Full support of experienced researcher during your visit, simultaneous translaton

Over 10 years

Professional knowledge and experience in Polish ancestry

Genealogical Research

Ancestral research and genealogical investigation before your trip

Free consultation

Analysys based on yout family informations. Consultation online or telephone.

Custom Polish Roots Tour

My goal is to show my country the best I can and always focus on heritage visit. Usually it’s a kind of combination of a typical sightseeing of Poland, especially for those who are visiting our country for the first time. We always spend a few days visiting their ancestral towns or villages very often, it requires a research done by us prior to arrival.

I receive many requests when people are saying well my family was from the area of Krakow or area of Warsaw and doing sometimes very simple research I am able to find an exact place of their origin. When they eventually come to Poland, I take them to these places. I am very often able to find an exact location, sometimes able to find the house their grandparents or great grandparents used to live in. I am able to find living relatives so we search and find the graves. I try to show all these places so we definitely focus on this heritage aspect of things. The work I do is I would say life-changing in some regards.

One out of every three Jews on our planet probably can trace their history to Poland. Jews were in Poland for a thousand years it’s a long time it’s probably among the longest that they were anywhere. People contact me and they really do want to go back to the old country because with Jewish families most of them who live in the United States have been there perhaps for the bulk of them three generations perhaps and before that they were from somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia they often come to us with various stories which I either had to prove.

It’s going to be informative, it’s going to be educational, it’s going to be personal in addition to of course seeing some of the key highlights in these various areas.

We conducts our genealogy research trough different sources. For vital documents that they are over 100 or 80 years old in State Archives. Christian vital records we find in parish archives. For civil records up to 100 years Civil Census Offices both Christian, Jewish, Orthodox vital records of births, marriages and deaths.

  • Land Registers
  • Local school archives
  • Local private archives
  • The old Business or Address Directories
  • Emigration documents
  • Information’s from the villages where your ancestors lived
  • Libraries and museums
  • On-line databases
  • LDS microfilms
  • Cemetery records

Discover Your Family History

Myself as genealogists tour guide will be with you all the time ready to work with you and answer questions. If you wish you will be visiting several different kinds of archives both civil and ecclesiastical sit down with me and do some homework. Even before and after the tour I can work with you individually to get some additional information. I am open to also working with you to spend time either before or after, for personal additional tours so that after the general tour we will go with you and visit a few of the actual ancestral law towns. The churches you know see where the great grandparent or someone was married or baptized and get an additional opportunity to have a personal connection to their Polish history. I suggest that before jumping on a plane and going over , that you might need to do a little bit of homework.

What We Need To Start Research
  • First and last names.
  • Dates and places of birth and death. If not accurate just indicative.
  • First and last names of spouses.
  • Religion.
  • Areas, places connected to your ancestors.
  • Detailed informations of the family member with whom you would like us to launch the investigation.
We Got You Covered
  • Free analysis based on your family information.
  • Genealogy Consultation 1 hour online or telephone.
  • Genealogy research done before and during your visit
  • Customized intinerary adjusted to your needs and expectations, including the places connected to your family history and local cultural attractions.
  • Professional english speaking Guide /  Genalogy researcher
  • Private Transportation
  • Simultaneous translation during family and local meetings
What You Should Bring
be useful during your visit.
Reason Of Emigration In XIX/XXc.

There were several ways of immigration to let’s say America and other places. Many people were simply poor and they left with nothing. Their choice was to kind of get cut off from Poland, because they didn’t have money to return. Sometimes third, fourth or fifth generations of Poles who polish people with polish heritage have a very very keen interest in exploring that but what they start with is very little. The people who emigrated their children were able to speak polish so they were able to exchange letters with polish families. Then when they stopped speaking polish, they very immediately stopped sending letters because no one could read them. Very often when I have Americans or people from Australia coming to Poland and we find living realities of them. They still have some old letters and photographs sent by the grandparents of our visitors for example. I will remember forever one of the clients from Canada, 50 years old, a sister with a brother whose mother and father died when they were babies. They grow up in orphanages because they didn’t have any other family. All the pictures of their parents and themselves as babies were lost. I was able to find their aunt in Poland that still keeps letters and pictures of them as babies and their parents. This was the first time in their life they saw their parents and themselves as infant pictures. As well the stories of her mother, what kind of person she was and what brings her to emigration. I would say that it’s really important for people to be really touched. It’s very emotional for these kinds of tourists so I really believe it’s life-changing. People don’t just come for a visit, they go back to the ancestral home and I think it’s interesting in my work.

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