Find your Polish Roots with us!  We will lead you on special, genealogical trip into the history of your Polish ancestors. Our genealogy tourism company is specialized in a customized  heritage and ancestry research tours in Poland for clients of Jewish and Christian descents.

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Find your Polish Roots

My name is Piotr Malarek I am professional genealogist for ancestry here to help you go further faster and factually with your family research. Our genealogy tourism company is specialized in a professional tailor-made heritage and ancestry research tours in Poland. We  had helped to explore the people of Jewish and Christian descents to understand researching polish genealogy.

Our goal is to lead you on special, genealogical trip into the history of your Polish ancestors. We are not only archivists but also guides and historians this will helps us to give You more accurate and comprehensive description of the life of your Polish ancestors. Using our experance in Polish genealogy research we aim to address quastion on how your ancestors lived. What they were doing for living.

Do you have Polish ancestors?

Our offer is far more than just personal tour to homeland of your ancestors. Using our knowledge and experience we work on each case individually with special passion and commitment. The main goal is to find all online and offline archives, documents or local information’s which will help us to discover your family history and find forefathers of your family. Finally locate your living relatives then arrange and conduct your family reunions.

We have conducted research projects for clients from all over the world mainly from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa. Each family history is different but one think connect each stories that their ancestors emigrate from Poland, or were born before 1918 in Austria, Galicia, Russia or Eastern Prussia.

How I became interested in family researches? It started with work for production of the popular NBC genealogy TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” I worked then for American TV star Jerry Springer. I leared a lot and later I went very dip in the research of my own family history connected with North America emigration, Eastern Galicia, Prussia, Concentration Camps and more…  I was as well inspirited to do the Roots Tours with the book “Everything is Illuminated”.

Genealogy Services

Genealogical and Family Research

Service that offers full support in tracing family history in Poland. Roots of your ancestors can be discovered even they left Poland more then century.

Polish Ancestral Tour

During the sentimental private tour you will visit places that your ancestors lived as well as interesting tourist attractions. You will discover how they lived, what they ate and their everyday activities and even meet relatives.

Cemetery Research in Poland

Search for place of burial of your ancestor is effective way to learn more about the family hisotry or even find living member of your family.

Confirming Polish Citizenship

This offer is for those whos one of  grandparents, or two great grandparents where born in Poland. We will research for necessary documents for you to be able to start the process of applying for Polish citizenship.

Family Property Real Estate Research

We offer the property research tracing the ownership, documents, articles and also locating the real estates on old maps
also checking the ownership history.

Virtual Ancestral Tour With Video Journey

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions we have started our new project of live online visit to your and video journey to the town and area that your ancestors lived.

What Our Clients Say


Peter – I just wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful work you did for us in helping us find our family.  It is amazing how many of our friends are very interested in what we did.  I was also surprised to find out how many of them also have roots in Poland.  If it is ok with you I will recommend you to them.  Also, if you ever need a reference for your business, I am happy to serve in that capacity for you.  Thanks again for everything.  We truly appreciated it.  

– Diane Wrights and the Mularski/Wright Family


You were amazing !!!  We can’t thank-you enough for all your hard efforts!  All the extra time you gave us and the research was really unbelievable.  I mean to arrange for that meeting with Andrzej Osolinski was simply way too much !

WE all will remember it for the rest of our lives!  You are what it takes to succeed in this business and I wish you so much good fortune.   I can’t express how grateful we all are to have you help us with the genealogy .

It was so much fun with you talking to the old ladies that helped find out the past. WE all can’t believe you  were able to get us to the actual land where my Jaju’s house was originally and to find the cold cellar was unbelievable!

I mean really …. Amazing!  I have picture of you chasing down the little old man on his bike asking him for info. That is priceless of your efforts! .

To get us to Krzyztopor before the closing was all to your credit.  WE are so happy so have made it there! YOU  made our trip to Poland a huge success!

It was a truly long day …  and I only hope we compensated you enough.

If you ever find the chance to come to USA again… and in New England…we would most like to welcome you to our homes.   Please don’t’ hesitate to contact me… even if years down the road!


 Nancy,Ann and Robert Osolinski, New England, USA